Call for Abstracts

Important Dates

  • -Extended Deadline for Abstract Submission: January 31, 2018
  • -Notification of Abstract Acceptance: February 28 , 2018

Abstract Topics

  • Bioresources
    • -Food/Organic Waste Recycling and Biomass Valorization
    • -Agricultural Waste Processing and Recycling
    • -Biochar/Compost Production and Application
    • -Waterworks/Sewage/Industrial Sludge Treatment and Recycling
    • -Life Cycle Assessment and Cost-Benefit Analysis on Biological Waste Management
    • -Environmental Impact and Toxicity/Risk Assessment of Recycling and Recovery Practices
  • Energy
    • -Waste-to-Energy
    • -Sustainable Energy Recovery from Renewable Resources
    • -Ultimate Carbon Management in Energy Aspects
    • -Analysis and Optimization on Energy
    • -Computational Modeling and Prediction of Energy
  • Environment
    • -Food/Organic Wastes Management
    • -Conversion of Biomass and Wastes into Value-added Products
    • -Environmental Application of Waste-derived Materials
    • -Fate of Emerging Contaminants in Water/Wastewater Treatment and their Health Effects
    • -Environmental Planning, Sustainability, and Policy
    • -Livestock Manure Management
    • -Emissions of Gas and Odor from Livestock
    • -Soil and Groundwater Remediation
    • -Atmospheric Environment
    • -Environmental Pollution
  • Material Technology
    • -Metal organic frameworks
    • -Materials for 4S: Sensing, Separation, Sorption, and Storage
    • -Materials for Biological & Medical Applications
    • -Materials for Energy & Environmental Applications
    • -Materials for Advanced Applications

Special Symposium

  • -SMART Recycling ; Zero Food Waste Housing on the Smart City
  • -Best Management Strategy for Environmental Management of Carcass Burial Site
  • -4th KBRC International Biochar Conference: SMART Biochar Technology: A Shifting Paradigm towards Advanced Materials and Healthcare Research
  • -Circular Economy - A Paradigm Shift towards Sustainable and Integrated Waste Policy
  • -Livestock Environment
  • -Distribution of Emerging Pollutants and Their Environmental Fates and Toxicities
  • -Thermochemical and Biological Conversions of Wastes on Energy Recovery, and Pollution Control
  • -Advances in Composting Technologies for Solid Waste Treatment - Potential Benefits of Compost to Agriculture
  • -Clays and Waste Rock Minerals for Agricultural and Environmental Applications
  • -Biosolids Land Application Risk Assessment – Evaluation of (In)organic Compounds
  • -Bioresources in Mined Land Rehabilitation – from Microbial Bioweathering to Technosol Formation in Mine Tailings
  • -Sediment Pollution Assessment and Remediation/Management

Abstract Format

  • -All abstracts must be submitted online.
  • -Abstracts must be written in clear English and submitted prior to January 31, 2018.
  • -Abstracts should be no more than 400 words.
  • -Authors may further edit and modify submitted abstracts until the submission deadline.
  • -It is the responsibility of the authors to ensure that their text does not contain typos or grammatical errors.
  • -Authors have the option of choosing their presentation type (oral presentation, poster presentation). However, the scientific program committee will make the final decision after review.
  • -Acknowledgment of your submission will be sent via e-mail. Please make sure that you receive an e-mail confirmation after you submit an abstract.
  • -If you do not receive the e-mail confirmation, it means we have no record of your submission. If you are sure you made a submission, check the e-mail address that you used to make your submission.
  • -The right to publish your abstract is granted to the BEEM 2018 Organizing Committee.
  • -Presenting author must register for the conference through the website before March 1, 2017.

Notification of Acceptance

  • -All submitted abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee according to standard review procedures.
  • -Notification of acceptance will be sent by e-mail to corresponding, presenting and abstract submitting authors by February 28 , 2018.

Withdrawal of Abstracts

  • -If the presenting author of an accepted abstract does not register by the pre-registration date, the abstract will be automatically withdrawn from the final program.
  • -If you would like to withdraw an abstract, please notify the BEEM 2018 Secretariat in writing as soon as possible.
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