Program Topic


Technology Nexus for the Resonance of Nature and Humans


  • Bioresources
    • -Biodiversity, Bioresources & Biomonitoring
    • -Food/Organic Waste Recycling and Biomass Valorization
    • -Agricultural Waste Processing and Recycling
    • -Biochar/Compost Production and Application
    • -Waterworks/Sewage/Industrial Sludge Treatment and Recycling
    • -Life Cycle Assessment and Cost-Benefit Analysis on Biological Waste Management
    • -Environmental Impact and Toxicity/Risk Assessment of Recycling and Recovery Practices
  • Energy
    • -Waste-to-Energy
    • -Sustainable Energy Recovery from Renewable Resources
    • -Ultimate Carbon Management in Energy Aspects
    • -Analysis and Optimization on Energy
    • -Computational Modeling and Prediction of Energy
    • -Endocrine Disruptors
  • Environment
    • -Food/Organic Wastes Management
    • -Conversion of Biomass and Wastes into Value-added Products
    • -Environmental Application of Waste-derived Materials
    • -Fate of Emerging Contaminants in Water/Wastewater Treatment and their Health Effects
    • -Environmental Planning, Sustainability, and Policy
    • -Livestock Manure Management
    • -Emissions of Gas and Odor from Livestock
    • -Soil and Groundwater Remediation
    • -Atmospheric Environment
    • -Environmental Pollution
  • Material Technology
    • -Metal organic frameworks
    • -Materials for 4S: Sensing, Separation, Sorption, and Storage
    • -Materials for Biological & Medical Applications
    • -Materials for Energy & Environmental Applications
    • -Materials for Advanced Applications
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